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Calvin Klein edgy fashion

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[Dec. 18th, 2004|05:11 pm]
Calvin Klein edgy fashion

 Now fashion icon Calvin Klein was born in the Bronx in 1942 and is the son of immigrants.  Calvin Klein has in part been successful because he always understood the greater ramifications of fashion; that it is not merely about clothing, but image, mood, lifestyle. 

Klein's advertising reached controversy in 1980 due to a series of provocative commercials with then 15-year-old Brooke Shields saying "Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."   Klein's new line of tight jeans became a nationwide phenomenon, selling 200,000 pairs the first week alone.  The provocative commercials marked a revolution in clothing advertising, but prompted criticism from feminist leaders. The negative publicity only fueled sales.

Klein once again courted controversy in 1982, when he put his name on the waistband of men's underwear and then started a campaign featuring near-naked men modeling the new designer skivvies. Many publishers rejected the sexy ads. But again, the controversy spilled over into Klein's favor, and stores couldn't keep the underwear in stock.